Cheerleading & Coed Tumbling and Trampoline

Our class schedule is always up to date.  If the class is showing, we have at least one opening.

Tumbling and Trampoline

Boys and Girls Ages 8-18. If you just want tumbling, this is your class. The main focus and foundation of this class is a back handspring, but it doesn't stop there. We teach at the level of each student. That means some of our students are working on back handsprings while others are perfecting front and back flips, layouts, fulls, and even aerials. About a third of the time is spent on floor basics (ie. forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, back bends, handsprings…). Another third of the time focuses on strength and flexibility training. And finally about a third of the time is skill development. Each portion of class ensures a strong, well rounded foundation in tumbling.  We attempt to keep class size to around a 8 to 1 ratio.  A number of openings larger than that ratio indicates additional similar classes at the same time.