Girls School Age Gymnastics

Our class schedule is always up to date.  If the class is showing, we have at least one opening.

Girls Educational Gymnastics

Our program concentrates on the 4 girl's Olympic Events: Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor. In addition, we have added Trampoline and Tumble Track (a 30 foot long trampoline that is great for teaching tumbling) to increase aerial awareness and make learning fun. These events build strength, flexibility, grace, and coordination. This program is excellent training for all sports and provides a great foundation should your child aspire to eventually compete in gymnastics.  We attempt to keep class size to around a 8 to 1 ratio.  A number of openings larger than that ratio indicates additional similar classes at the same time.

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The gymnastics classes are ideal for overall physical fitness and coordination. They are the foundation for all movement and a huge benefit for all sports. In addition, these classes are just plain fun. The Tumbling class was originally designed for Cheerleaders, but we soon found that others participants to be skateboarders, high jumpers, wrestlers, extreme sport enthusiasts, and those who just find it fun to do back handsprings and flips.

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