Boys School Age Classes

Our class schedule is always up to date.  If the class is showing, we have at least one opening.

Boys Educational Gymnastics

Men's Gymnastics was rated the most difficult sport in terms of training, strength, and physical ability, by Men's Health and Fitness Journal in conjunction with a major university study (2nd was the triathlon). The combination of the six Olympic Events: Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar, provides a training that is unmatched by any sport, while providing ideal training for all sports. We also added Trampoline and Tumble Track (30 foot long trampoline for teaching tumbling) to increase aerial awareness. This program provides an excellent opportunity to get in incredible physical shape while having a great time.  We attempt to keep class size to around a 8 to 1 ratio.  A number of openings larger than that ratio indicates additional similar classes at the same time.  Scroll down for times and availability

Boys Ninja Boys Enhanced Athletic Sports Training (Ninja Beast for short)

This class was originally designed through the collaboration of coaches and team gymnasts as a way to have fun with exercise and training in our sport.  We built our first obstacle course and had our high level boys' and girls' team run through it.  We planned on spending abot 10 minutes on the obstacle course, but the team kids begged us to make a day out of it.  It was a blast for the kids and coaches alike.  Our Ninja Beast classes start with a more basic obstacle course, but as they get stronger and more agile, we add difficulty.  In addition to obstacles, we work on strength, coordination, agility, balance, flexibility (range of motion), and FUN!!!  This class is an excellent stand alone class as well as a great addon for our Boy's Educational class.   Scroll down for times and availability