Want a Free Trial? See what we do before you buy

A free trial provides you and your child the opportunity to participate and experience one of the many gymnastics, Ninja and tumbling classes offered by Olympic Dreams.  If you have never taken a class at Olympic Dreams, we encourage you to come to a free trial. We want our students to be satisfied with what we offer and there is nothing better than experiencing an actual class before you decide. There is no obligation after the trial class – you either like it or you don’t.

If you would like to reserve a time in one of our existing classes, you can either:

  1. Find a class and time you would like to attend and click register for a free trial. There is a place where it asks if you want this to be a free trial class - choose "yes."  Specifically - It will say "Enroll in Classes" and list the class you chose.  It will ask "I would like to Trial this class."  Choose YES from the dropdown.  It will ask you for payment information.  GO AHEAD AND LEAVE IT BLANK.  You won't need payment information because the trial class is free.

    You can schedule a trial as far as a month in advance.  If you are looking for a trial farther than a week away, please put the date you would like to attend in the comments section.  That will keep your trial open for that specific date. 

    Preschool Classes

    Girl's Classes

    Boy's Classes

    Ninja Classes

    Tumbling Classes

  2. Give us a call at (330)759-1916.