Health and Safety


Safety:   We have an abundance of matting and equipment that facilitates the learning of gymnastics in an environment that is state of the art.  Loose foam pits are incredible tools for learning larger skills in an incredibly soft and forgiving manner.  We also have "resi-pits" under our bars, and as a landing for floor exercise, vault and beam.  Resi pits are in-ground matting that is soft and forgiving but simulates a regular landing more than a loose foam system.  We also use trampolines to teach aerial awareness, body control and they allow us to break down skills easier.  We also have shaped matting and skill cushions that facilitate learning as well.  Our facility was designed to make learning gymnastics safer, easier, and more rewarding. 

How often do we clean?  We have a daily cleaning schedule as well as weekly and monthly sanizing. 

In any gymnastics gym, you may notice white powder covering everything.  Is pretty impossible to contain ALL the chalk, but we have kept it to a minimum with our "chalk eaters" air filtration system removing the chalk from the air before it settles. 

Chalk is not dirt, it is a fine powder that gymnasts use on their hands to keep them from slipping off the equipment.  Chalk is safe and considered harmless to the lungs.  Still, we strive to keep our gym looking clean.  We recently hired a cleaning company to assist our parent volunteers in keeping everything looking good.  The gym has never looked better!

Sanitized:  In addition to cleaning, vacuuming, mopping and the like, our cleaning crew sanitizes the gym monthly with an antimicrobial that helps prevent the spread of germs.

Healthy Gymnasts

Concussions:  Nationally as well as in the state of Ohio, a push to educate parents and atletes about a growing concern of concussions has led to a new state law.  As an athletic sport, we are required to notify you of the possibility of concussions in any athletic activity.  Concussions can be serious - the danger is in activities performed while having a concussion.  Even going to school with a concussion can in certain situations cause problems.  Please read the attached to learn about signs of a concussion and what to do if you suspect a concussion.  Keep in mind that if you believe your child is suffering from a concussion, they cannot participate in any sport until they are cleared. 

Sick?  If your child has any sickness that would be considered contageous, it is best to have them not come to the gym.  We offer makeups so you won't miss out and your child will be better prepared for our lessons when healthy.  Along the same vein, if you child is unable to perform the types of activities we normally perform in class, it is best to take a make up when healthy. 

"The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

- L.P. Jacks